Markets Media: Traders Burst Silos

Markets rise and fall, and short-term trends come and go. But one seemingly here-to-stay reality for many trading and investing firms in an increasingly global and interconnected market is the need to be involved in more asset classes, over a broader swathe of geography. An equity trader may move into derivatives, fixed income and/or foreign …


Markets Media: Algo Trading Gets Tech Upgrades

Algorithmic trading firms are seeking to broaden their reach across asset classes and geographies without making capital investments in servers and software. The technological hurdles associated with successfully developing and deploying trading strategies are steep enough without having to finance Big Iron. “While there is demand for automated trading solutions, we believe there is great …


e-FOREX: Liquidity, Price and Timing – Engineering More Client Centric FX Algorithms

In August 2007, Credit Suisse Advanced Execution Services (AES) offered its FX algorithms to external clients. The move was as much a show of prescience as of good timing: the stated intention of the offer was to enable clients more effectively to locate global liquidity; as we all know, Summer 2007 was when global liquidity …


Waters/Sell-Side Technology: FlexTrade Becomes an ISV at Bahrain Exchange

The Bahrain Financial Exchange (BFX) has signed an agreement with FlexTrade Systems to operate as an independent software vendor (ISV) of the BFX. Under this agreement, FlexTrade Systems will provide front-end trading technology via its FlexTrader execution management system (EMS) to the members of the BFX. FlexTrader, a multi-asset solution with pre-defined strategies and tactics …

Sep FlexTrade Connects With Bahrain Financial Exchange

The Bahrain Financial Exchange (BFX), the first international financial exchange in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, announced today it has signed an agreement with FlexTrade Systems, Inc. to operate as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) of the BFX. Under this agreement, FlexTrade Systems is authorised to provide sophisticated trading front-end technology via …


Markets Media: Open-Source Software Aims to Bridge Data Silos

An industry effort to corral the stampede of market data feeds using software innovations is starting to bear fruit, enabling traders to employ advanced predictive analytics into their strategies. OpenMAMA, an open-source project by the not-for-profit Linux Foundation dedicated to fostering the growth of the Linux operating system, aims to address the industry-wide problem of …


Waters/Sell-Side Technology: FlexTrade Gains BGC Partners Certification

Vendor’s execution management system now part of broker program. Software vendor FlexTrade has announced that its execution management system (EMS) has been accepted into inter-dealer broker BGC Partners’ preferred vendor program. FlexTrader EMS is now certified to trade US treasuries as part of its acceptance. The EMS offers single stock and portfolio trading functionality on …


FX Week: Best Algo Trading Technology Vendor – FlexTrade

Algorithmic execution, once the exclusive domain of the equity markets, has made big strides into the foreign exchange market in recent years, as banks and technology vendors compete in the provision of the smartest algo tools to help the buy side cut costs and time. Algo technology has been a core part of the capabilities …

Jun FlexTrade Acquires Derivix

The transaction brings to FlexTrade Derivix’s all-in-one options trading solution for pricing, real-time analytics, portfolio risk management, and multi-broker electronic execution. According to Vijay Kedia, President and CEO of FlexTrade, the Derivix platform will be combined with FlexTrade’s FlexOPT trading platform to create a best-of-breed superset solution that will not only maintain, but significantly enhance …


Waters Technology: NEO Investimentos Licenses Three FlexTrade Products

Brazilian buy-side firm implements FlexTRADER, FlexSpread and FlexOPT. Brazilian investment manager NEO Investimentos, with offices in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, has deployed FlexTrade Systems’ execution management system (EMS), FlexTRADER. According to Marcelo Cabral, founding partner of NEO Investimentos, FlexTRADER’s multi-broker, multi-asset, multi-region capability, combined with its trading strategies template were key factors in …

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