Markets Media: Institutions Face Options-Integration Challenge

The appetite for options trading among institutions is increasing as they seek to generate income, capture alpha from volatility, and hedge their equity portfolios. However, care must be exercised in integrating options trading into the portfolio mix…


Markets Media: Multi-Asset Trading Systems A Must-Have

Buy-side traders are melding multiple asset classes together onto a single trading platform as asset classes become increasingly connected. Futures and FX trading capabilities are especially in-demand by trading teams…


e-FOREX: Execution Algorithms – Where Innovation is Driving Demand in FX

  Everything is back to normal in the FX market – but it’s a new normal. All around us, corporates are back to funding their cross-border operations; trading desks are back to taking orders and transacting; retail investors are back to piling in behind every new trend. We’ve had ten-plus years of upheaval – not …


Dhaka Stock Exchange: Announces Selection of Automation Project Partners

Dhaka Stock Exchange is pleased to announce that it has entered into agreements with NASDAQ OMX and FlexTrade Systems to renew its existing trading system with a next generation world leading trading platform. Dhaka Stock Exchange has a proud history of service to the participants of the Capital Market in Bangladesh and has played a …


Thomson Reuters: Launches Innovative Block Trading Solution

Thomson Reuters Launches Innovative Block Trading Solution to Meet Demand for Natural Block Liquidity in Fragmented U.S. Equities Markets. Thomson Reuters Block Connect to meet buy-side demand for anonymous electronic access to natural block liquidity and sell-side demand for speed and efficiency. Venue proliferation spurred by U.S. regulations, such as Reg NMS, has significantly increased …


Markets Media: Best Multi-Asset EMS: FlexTrade Systems

During 2013, FlexTrade Systems redoubled its efforts to adapt its multi-asset EMS, FlexTRADER, to the new realities of cash and derivatives trading. FlexTrade and its customers are experiencing the impact of rapid transformation in the fixed-income markets brought on by new regulations and shifting market dynamics…


Markets Media: FlexTrade Expects More Electronic Bond Trading

FlexTrade Systems and its customers are experiencing the impact of rapid transformation in the fixed income markets brought on by regulations and market dynamics. With market participants expecting more electronic trading in bonds and interest rate derivatives, the technological challenges are mounting…

Nov A $6 Trillion/Day Industry? Rise of the Non-Dealers in FX

Sifting through the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) Triennial FX Survey, arguably the most important trend taking place is the growth of non-dealer bank participation. Within the report, the survey polls participant dealers in regards to trading details such as volumes by currency, counterparty type and region. Topping the list of counterparties was the ‘other …


Traders Magazine: Multi-Asset Masters – September 2013 Issue

For Lynn Challenger, the last seven years have been one big project: transforming a farflung order processing operation into a centralized, multi-asset trading hub where the traders take responsibility for each and every order. Mellon Capital Management’s managing director of global trading oversees nine traders trading equities, futures, currencies, fixed income securities and swaps from …


Waters Technology: FlexTrade Completes Integration with OTC Link ATS

FlexTrade Systems, which provides execution and order management trading systems (OMSs), has completed its integration with OTC Link and it can now support trading and market making on OTC Link’s Alternative Trading System (ATS). The integration was significant, having taken a full year to complete, according to Greg Ludvik, director of ColorPalette OMS, the vendor’s …

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