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FlexTrade Integrates Symphony’s Secure and Compliant Communications

February 25, 2016 | By: Matthew Halicki


Partnership Enables FlexTrade Users to Improve Workplace Productivity by Communicating with Symphony

London, February 25, 2016 – FlexTrade Systems, a global leader in multi-asset execution and order management systems, today announced the integration of Symphony Communication Services LLC’s platform with FlexTRADER EMS. The integration brings secure and compliant messaging directly into the trading blotter for any FlexTrade clients using Symphony.

FlexTrade’s integration with Symphony allows traders to communicate and distribute content to both portfolio managers and brokers directly from their trading blotter.  Communications can be initiated by the trader, or automatically based on a specific market event or situation.

Andy Mahoney, Director of Business Development for FlexTrade UK Ltd in London, believes Symphony is a natural partner for FlexTrade, and forms an integral part of FlexTrade’s wider open architecture policy.  “The future of electronic trading will be built on seamless and secure communications,” said Mahoney.  “Integrating FlexTRADER with Symphony ensures our clients can easily receive and distribute content directly from the trading blotter.  The potential applications for this integration ensure our client’s trading capabilities are kept well ahead of the curve now, and in the future.”

“We are delighted FlexTrade has chosen to integrate Symphony’s workflow productivity application within the FlexTRADER EMS.” said Barry Castle, CMO of Symphony. “Symphony’s ability to provide a secure and compliant communications platform means partners like FlexTrade can deliver complete solutions that unite all participants in time-sensitive trading workflows in a single system. The result for financial services: Improved user experience, better economies of scale and faster response to customers.”

Over the next few months, FlexTrade’s integration with Symphony will be expanded to include:

  • Search for information and research on a given instrument directly from the FlexTrade blotter
  • Fixed income liquidity discovery, inventory distribution and price negotiation
  • Capture chat in FlexTrade’s Transaction Cost Analysis tool (FlexTCA), to ensure all elements of the trading workflow are recorded for regulatory compliance


Jim Tolve
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Office: (516) 304-3601
Mobile: (516) 395-0549

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