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FlexTrade Increases Sell-Side Sales Presence for EMEA Region

Lak Loi and Vahid Shirani Join as Vice Presidents of Sell-Side OMS Business Development


FlexTRADER Extends Integration With Goldman Sachs Actionable Indication of Interest (IOI) Liquidity

The functionality adds IOI profiling and analysis capabilities to the existing FlexIOI product and makes Goldman Sachs actionable liquidity available on the desktop.


FlexTrade Wins Buy-Side Technology Award for Best Implementation at a Buy-Side Firm (Trading & Risk)

This year’s trading and risk implementation award goes to FlexTrade for the deployment of FlexONE, it’s order and execution management system developed for the buy-side, at boston-based crowd-sourced hedge fund, Quantopian.


FlexTrade Wins Best Buy-Side EMS at Buy-Side Technology Awards 2018

FlexTrade clinches this year’s best buy-side execution management system (EMS) award due to its flexibility, performance and ability to support bespoke workflows through FlexTrader, its EMS platform. FlexTrader has pre-defined trading strategies and tactics for portfolio and single-security trading. It provides pre-trade, real-time, post-trade and predictive analytics, risk- and cost-optimized portfolio trade scheduling, and smart order routing, among its list of functions.


FlexTrade Shortlisted in Four Categories of Fund Technology and WSL Awards 2019

FlexTrade is pleased to announce it has been shortlisted in four categories of the Fund Technology & WSL Awards 2019.


FX: The Rise of Quality Execution Analysis

FlexTrade’s Vinay Trivedi, Senior Vice President, FX Strategic Initiatives, discusses the use of quality execution analysis (QEA), a subset of transaction cost analysis (TCA), in FX best execution.


Fixed Income Leaders Summit Amsterdam 2018 Recap

From the 6-8th of November, FlexTrade exhibited at the Fixed Income Leaders Summit in Amsterdam, where more than 300 industry participants from leading buy-and sell-side firms attended. This was FlexTrade’s second consecutive year sponsoring the event. Check out our recap of the Summit.


The Trade TV: Andy Mahoney, FlexTrade: EMS Pivots to Workflow and Data Focus Post-MiFID II

Andy Mahoney, FlexTrade’s Head of Sales EMEA, talks to TRADE TV at the Fixed Income Leaders Summit 2018 about the role of the EMS post-MiFID II and automation for fixed income EMS.


FlexTrade Wins Two Mutual Fund Service and Technology Awards for 2018

FlexTrade wins Best Execution Management System (EMS) and Best FX Trading System Awards at Mutual Fund Service and Technology Awards 2018 on October 4.


FlexTrade Shortlisted in Three Categories of Mutual Fund Services & Technology Awards 2018

FlexTrade is pleased to announce it has been shortlisted in three categories of the Mutual Fund Services and Technology Awards 2018.

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