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Bringing It All Together: Application Interoperability for Traders

The proliferation of software applications on financial desktops is a sign of innovation in capital markets. But moving data from one third-party application to another is not always seamless and user interfaces (UIs) are typically different. Now there’s a push to make the desktop emulate the user experience on mobile phones where Android and iOS apps are aware of one another and share data.


Onsite with FlexTrade at TradeTech Europe 2019

FlexTrade’s Andy Mahoney discusses the new initiatives the company is showcasing this year at TradeTech, including the recent partnership/integration with OpenFin; the extension of Goldman Sachs’ actionable IOI functionality within the FlexTRADER EMS; and the availability of FlexNOW via Amazon Web Services (AWS).


FlexTrade Partners with OpenFin for Desktop Interoperability

FlexTrade Partners with OpenFin for Desktop Interoperability


OpenFin Buy-Side Event (April 17, 2018)

FlexTrade’s Matthew York and Peregrine Park will be attending OpenFin’s Buy-Side Event on 17 April in London at 15 Bishopsgate, 6th Floor to showcase FlexTrade’s IOI technology via the OpenFin platform. For further information, please click here.

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