The Next Step in Your FX Trading

The Next Step in Your FX Trading

Sell-Side FX Solutions

In light of the continued growth and innovation in FX electronic trading, sell-side institutions need to leverage state-of-the-art technology to capture the edge required to successfully navigate global currency markets.

Whether it is turnkey white labelling, execution management, liquidity aggregation or a combination Enterprise package, FlexTrade’s FX trading solutions are designed for such a purpose and are used globally by leading sell-side firms for trading SPOT, Forwards, SWAPS, NDFs and precious metals.

FlexTrade’s foreign exchange solutions are highly configurable and offer unparalleled, direct access to liquidity (more than 100 banks, ECNs and exchanges), real-time risk management, dynamic aggregation and filtering, prepackaged and customizable algorithms as well as access to an array of broker algorithms.


Foreign Exchange Execution Management System

FlexFX is our award winning, algorithmic trading and execution management system for sell-side institutions trading FX. FlexFX offers advance integration with OMS as well as fully integrated post trade allocation solutions. Trusted by the world’s largest sell-side institutions, FlexFX enables traders to manage and efficiently execute large number of orders (block size or small) across multiple value dates by optimally blocking/netting the SPOT component and efficiently accessing liquidity venues based on account and broker restrictions.


White Label, Turnkey Foreign Exchange Trading Platform

MaxxTrader is a white label trading system for sell-side institutions operating in the foreign exchange markets. Designed to allow institutions to privately aggregate and issue price information to the markets and clientele, MaxxTrader is a complete turnkey, front-end solution allowing client orders to trade directly with the trading desk, or back-to-back with all liquidity providers.


Sell-Side FX Order Management System

FlexFX OMS is our advanced order management solution for institutions trading FX Spot, Outrights, Swaps, NDFs, precious metals and FX futures.

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