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Broker-Neutral, Multi-Asset Market Solutions to Give You Complete Control of the Trading Cycle

Sell Side - EMS


Multi-Asset Portfolio and Single Security Trading

FlexTRADER® is the industry’s market-leading, multi-asset execution management system (EMS) that encompasses all facets of electronic and algorithmic trading and is Trusted globally by sell-side institutions trading equities, FX, derivatives, and fixed income. FlexTRADER’s organically developed end-to-end functionality offers a wide range of capabilities with unparalleled performance.

Global Multi-Asset Trading

Worldwide Connectivity to More Than 200 Trading Destinations for Equities, FX, Options, Futures and Fixed Income

Powerful Analytics

Pre-Trade, Real-Time and Post-Trade Analytics Suite for Insightful Trading Analysis

Designed to Fit Your Needs

Customizable Portfolio Charts, Visual Alerts, Dynamic Algo Parameters and Limits

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Sell Side - OMS


Sell-Side Order Management System

FlexOMS is our comprehensive sell-side order management system for multi-asset trading, compliance, market data, and connectivity to the buy side and execution venues. Whether you are market-making, agency or a proprietary trading desk, enhance your trading strategy by leveraging or end-to-end solution designed to meet the demands of your firm. Available as an in-house or fully hosted solution, FlexOMS provides seamless straight-through processing from order inception to trade confirmation. AlgoWheel / Options Trading / PTS / Global Portfolio Trading

Portfolio Trade Scheduling

Combines and Streamlines the Trading Process Between Execution Venues and Clients with full middle office capabilities and sophisticated API frameworks to work with your preferred data sets.

Seamless Compliance Reporting

Full Audit Capability and Integration with Client Data Storage

Market Making

Automatic Quoting and Implementation of Execution Rules for Retail Orders

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Sell Side - OMS


Hosted Sell-Side Order Management System

ColorPalette is our fully hosted order management system for broker/dealers trading US and international equities.

Streamlined Order Handling

Manage Institutional and Retail Order Flows

Compliance Reporting

Real-Time Alerts with Suite of more than 120 Daily Reports

Key Trading Functionality

Market Making and Block Trading with Advanced Crossing and Fill Capabilities

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Sell Side - FX


Foreign Exchange Execution Management System

FlexFX is our award winning, algorithmic trading and execution management system for sell-side institutions trading FX. FlexFX offers advance integration with OMS as well as fully integrated post-trade allocation solutions. Trusted by the world’s largest sell-side institutions, FlexFX enables traders to manage and efficiently execute large numbers of orders (block size or small) across multiple value dates by optimally blocking/netting the SPOT component and efficiently accessing liquidity venues based on account and broker restrictions.

Comprehensive Workflow

Advanced Integration with Leading OMSs, Third Party/FIX-Based Post-Trade Allocation Systems

Direct Liquidity Access

To More Than 100 FX Providers

Streaming Prices with Full Depth of Book

Handles Spot, Forwards, NDFs and SWAPs

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Sell Side - OMS


Foreign Exchange Order Management System (OMS)

FlexFX OMS is our order management system for institutions trading spot, outrights, swaps, NDFs, precious metals and FX futures. Designed as a customizable, rules-based platform, FlexFX OMS manages your full order life cycle from order generation and execution of trades to allocations and confirms. The system will integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, and will perfectly replicate complex workflows and organizational structures. Optional modules include liquidity aggregation, pricing to clients and desks, algorithmic trading, transaction cost analysis (TCA) and white labeling with different sophistication levels for internal and external clients.

Global Order Management

24/7 Sales/Trading Desk, Branch Networks, and E-Commerce by Region, Legal Entity or Profit Center

Turnkey Solution

Fully Integrated Pricing, Aggregation, Algorithmic Trading, Middle Office, TCA, White Labeling

Process Automation

Rules-Based Routing, Fill and Execution Logics, Seamless Integration with Risk and Position Management Systems

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Sell Side - FX


White Label, Turnkey Foreign Exchange Trading Platform

MaxxTrader is our white label trading system for sell-side institutions operating in the foreign exchange markets. Designed to allow institutions to privately aggregate and issue price information to the markets and clientele, MaxxTrader is a complete turnkey, front-end solution allowing client orders to trade directly with the trading desk, or back-to-back with all liquidity providers.

End-to-End Trading and WL System

From Aggregation to Pricing to Distribution to TCA with high configurability to enable bespoke workflows and trading strategies

Multi-source liquidity and Algos - one dashboard

Across 100+ Banks, Non-banks, ECNs and Primary Markets with Algo integrationTrade on a Client to Client Basis — with the Trading Desk — Back to Back with All Liquidity Providers

Full Depth of Book

Handles Spot, Forwards, NDFs, Swaps and Precious Metals

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Sell Side - Options


Options Trading Order and Execution Management System

Derivix-SM is our order and execution management system for sell-side institutions engaged in agency, facilitation and/or proprietary trading in the options markets. The system provides direct access to all options exchanges, fully customizable algorithms and various options trading strategies, such as dispersion trading, volatility trading, vega trading and cross-asset trading.

Order & Execution Management

Configurable Front- and Back-End Derivatives Platform

Pricing and Analytics

Proprietary Volatility Time Model and Comprehensive Greeks with Advanced Skew Analysis

Portfolio Management

Scenario Analysis, Grouping and P&L Greek Decomposition

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Sell Side - Futures


Futures Trading and Risk Management System

FlexFutures is our futures trading and risk management platform for sell-side institutions operating in the derivatives markets. FlexFutures supports a unique array of innovative algorithmic execution strategies that can be customized and enhanced to meet the specific requirements of sell-side traders.

Customizable Point & Click Trading

Short-Term Return Forecasts and Intraday Volume Forecasts

Create, Integrate Algorithms & Trading Strategies

Create Your Own Trading Strategies According to Execution Venue

A Complete Set of Advanced Futures Algorithms

Determine the Best Trading Trajectory for Your Portfolio

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Sell Side - Advanced Analytics


Our Suite of Advanced Analytic Trading Tools

FlexEdge is our suite of predictive analytics designed to give traders the edge they need to effectively plan and optimize trading strategy.

Real-Time Volume Forecasts

Volume Profile Forecasts Available Every Day Before the Open & Updated Continuously Throughout the Trading Day

Short-Term Alpha Profiles

Market Data-Driven Short-Term Alpha Forecasts to Assist with Trade Scheduling, Trading Strategy Selection & Limit Price Determination

Optimized Portfolio Trading

Improve Trading Performance & Reduce Transaction Costs by Optimizing the Trading Schedule

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Sell Side - Trading Strategies & Algorithms


Customizable, Multi-Asset Trading Strategies

FlexTrade provides a broad range of adaptable and customizable global trading algorithms with multi-currency and multi-asset capabilities. They span the range from single instrument algorithms, such as VWAP and Percentage Participation, to a series of powerful and flexible arbitrage algorithms covering multiple asset classes with auto-hedging of currency exposure, as well as basket programs that are designed to efficiently execute a large number of instruments, such as portfolio rebalancing. As part of our basket trading capabilities, FlexTrade provides a robust set of index and ETF arbitrage algorithms. FlexTrade also provides support to more than 400 broker-dealer provided algorithms.

Trading on Your Terms

A Broad Array of Customizable Trading Algorithms

Multi-Asset and Multi-Currency

Handles Equities, FX, Options and Futures

Basket Trading

Portfolio Rebalancing and a Robust Set of Index and ETF Arbitrage Algos

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Sell Side - Trading Strategies & Algorithms


Intuitive Algo Selection Interface to Optimize Best Execution

FlexAlgoWheel is a next generation platform to help institutional traders standardize, automate, and evaluate the trading process. Available through our award-winning FlexTRADER® multi-asset execution management system (EMS), FlexAlgoWheel allows traders to design and manage their order routing workflows directly through an intuitive user interface. The platform includes integrated transaction cost analysis (TCA), and can be used for broker evaluation, algorithm selection and other data-driven applications to improve routing decisions and reduce trading costs.


Standardize and Automate Multi-Asset Trading Workflows


Generate Unbiased Data for Analyzing Performance


Flexibly Redesign Workflows & Create Data-Driven Feedback Loops to Improve Performance

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Sell Side - Market Connectivity Solutions

Market Access

Market Access

With FlexTrade, you can trade equities and listed derivatives via our direct market access network, which includes more than 50 exchanges across the world.


US Equities
  • NYSE – New York Stock Exchange
  • ARCA – NYSE Arca
  • EDGA/EDGX – Direct Edge A/X
  • BATS (X/Y)
  • CBSX – CBOE Stock Exchange
  • NSX – National Stock Exchange
  • CHX – Chicago Stock Exchange
US Listed Options
  • BATS Options
  • BOX – Boston Options Exchange
  • CBOE – Chicago Board Options Exchange
  • ISE – International Securities Exchange
  • NASDAQ Options
  • PHLX Options
  • AMEX Options
  • ARCA Options
US Futures
  • CME – Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  • CBOT – Chicago Board of Trade
  • NYMEX – New York Mercantile Exchange
  • COMEX – Commodity Exchange
Canada Equities
  • TSX – Toronto Stock exchange
  • Alpha exchange
  • Pure
  • Chi-X
Canada Derivatives
  • MX – Montreal Exchange
Brazil Equities & Derivatives
  • B3


Europe Equities
  • London Stock Exchange (LSE)
  • BATS Chi-X Europe
  • Euronext
  • SIX Swiss Exchange
Europe Derivatives
  • Eurex
  • ICE Futures Europe
  • London Metals Exchange (LME)
  • DGCX – Dubai Gold & Commodity Exchange
  • BFX – Bahrain Financial Exchange


Asia Equities
  • NSE – National Stock Exchange, India
  • BSE – Bombay Stock Exchange, India
  • MCX-SX – MCX Stock Exchange, India
  • ASX Australian Securities Exchange
  • SGX – Singapore Exchange ST
  • MYX – Bursa Malaysia Securities
  • SET – Securities Exchange of Thailand
Asia Derivatives
  • SHFE – Shanghai Futures Exchange
  • DCE – Dalian Commodity Exchange
  • ZCE – Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange
  • CFFEX – China Financial Futures Exchange
  • MCX – Multi Commodity Exchange, India
  • SMX – Singapore Mercantile Exchange
  • SGX – Singapore Exchange DT
  • TFEX – Thailand Futures Exchange
  • MYX – Bursa Malaysia Derivatives
  • OSE – Osaka Stock Exchange
  • TOCOM – Tokyo Commodity Exchange
  • ASX 24 – Australian Securities Exchange

Data Centers

For Global ASP support

Because data volumes in the capital markets have undergone explosive growth in last few years, data centers today are critical processing points for a hosted, ASP-based trading infrastructure.
By partnering with data centers around major financial hubs in the Americas, Europe and Asia, FlexTrade provides users of its hosted trading solutions with the same advanced technology and customization available to users of our legacy FlexTRADER EMS.

  • New York
  • Chicago
  • London
  • Frankfurt
  • Düsseldorf
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo
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