The Trade: Predictions for 2018 — Data

December 20, 2017 | By: Flex Advantage


Predictions for 2018: Data

Experts from across the industry give The Trade their predictions on what will happen in 2018, today we look at data trends.
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Data, data, everywhere
Andy Mahoney, head of sales, FlexTrade

Once the dust has settled on MiFID II, clients will start looking to digest and interpret all the extra data MiFID II transparency has brought with it. We are already looking to hook up to a number of APA providers, in order to take a real-time stream of trade reports directly into the EMS. Practically every client we speak to on the buy-side already has a desk quant, which are all hungry for the new data MiFID II is going to bring. Those who have the tools available to analyse, and draw conclusions from this data will be the big winners in 2018.

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