FlexTrade Wins ‘Best Buy-Side OMS’ at the 2022 WatersTechnology Buy-Side Technology Awards

November 4, 2022 | By: Iain Smith

FlexTrade is honored to have won “Best Buy-Side OMS” at the 2022 WatersTechnology Buy-Side Technology Awards, one of the most coveted categories of the all the 35 awards given during this event.

“To be recognized as “Best Buy-Side OMS” in this year’s BST Awards, one of the most hotly contested categories, is a real milestone for FlexONE. We’ve been on a journey to create the industry’s most comprehensive, scalable, and modern OEMS solution.  We’re achieving this with client partnership from the world’s most demanding asset and hedge fund managers to drive the functionality available within the OEMS and our future roadmap. Combined with FlexTrade’s commitment to delivering domain-expert-led client support, we believe we have a unique offering to match any in the market.“
-Aaron Levine, Sr Vice President AMS Sales, Buy-Side Trading Soutions

The Awards were announced on November 4th, 2022 during a virtual presentation.  A write-up by Waters Technology can be found here.

About the Award

The Buy-Side Technology Awards, hosted by WatersTechnology, aims to recognize leading technologies and third-party vendors in their areas of expertise through an auditable and transparent methodology. The awards focus on market-leading technologies developed specifically for use by buy-side firms and innovation allowing the buy-side to maximize operational efficiency.

Solution Overview – FlexONE OEMS

FlexONE is a multi-asset order management system (OMS). It is designed to allow hedge funds and traditional asset managers to integrate disparate workflows into a single, centralized, intraday system. FlexONE captures multi-asset workflows from beginning to end―order generation, intraday P&L and risk, fund/prime allocations, order marking, short locates, pre- and post-trade compliance, and operations―and is integrated with the firm’s multi-asset execution management system.

What problem does it address?

FlexTrade sees its focus on open integration with other best-of-breed technologies and internally built client solutions as one of its key differentiators. Built from the ground up with a focus on speed and scalability, FlexONE enables an open and API-driven workflow that allows clients to onboard numerous workflows from user-interface-based teams, systematic teams and multi-portfolio management constructs. Leveraging Scala, gRPC APIs and in-memory access allows FlexONE to handle complex and intensive workflows.

How we differentiated

  • Technology: FlexONE was built API-first, which means that all workflows found in the GUI are accessible via APIs. This framework ensures that end-users can customize workflows and views without forcing a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • Service: FlexTrade’s implementation team is the same group that manages the long-term relationship post go-live, instead of bifurcating the client service group

Recent Milestones

  • Digital assets enhancements―clients can now source digital assets/crypto liquidity from exchanges and market-makers into FlexTrade’s aggregator (spots and derivatives), stream or RFQ prices, execute directly through FlexONE, while also leveraging FlexAlgos.
  • Additional risk factor model providers for real-time factor analytics.
  • Decision-support tool/portfolio modeling enhancements, including advanced rebalancing methodologies and what-if analysis.

To learn more about FlexONE OMS contact or visit the FlexONE Product Page.