Expanding the FlexOMS Footprint in EMEA

June 10, 2024 | By: Iain Smith

Q. How has the FlexOMS business evolved in EMEA over the past year?  

The FlexOMS business is not new to the region. We’ve been around for a decade-plus, supporting many customers globally with an established London operation. But what we have been doing on the FlexOMS side is expanding the team, including bringing on a very seasoned product manager for the region. And with his help we’ve been talking to many prospects and customers and defining a very ambitious roadmap for the year ahead. With that roadmap, we’re not just looking at adding new features, we’re taking feedback from existing clients and enhancing features we already have in the platform, taking it to the next generation. 

We’re also carrying on improving the usability of FlexOMS through improved automation of the platform, and improved self-service so that you can be self-sufficient and actually drive your business and continue after those revenue-generating ideas. We’re also carrying on improving the usability of FlexOMS through improved automation of the platform and improved self-service so that you can be self-sufficient, drive your business, and continue to chase after those revenue-generating ideas. 

Q. Can you expand on the new features in the FlexOMS solution?  

Some of those new features include making enhancements to our program trading and exchange-traded derivatives functionality, as well as improving the platform’s usability through more automation capabilities, which allow firms to become more efficient in their trading activities. Also, increasing the self-service aspects of the platform, relying less on us, the vendor, to make changes and allowing users to drive their destiny within their own time scales. 

Q. How have your conversations with clients and prospects changed over the past year?  

So that’s interesting. Over the last year, we’ve been establishing our footprint and really getting out there into the community, letting them know about our capabilities. Those conversations have moved from exploratory to real projects. 

Changing vendors and making changes is a non-trivial task that affects not just the trading desk but also downstream and back office systems. Multiple teams are involved, and these are complex projects with high risk. I think many firms appreciate that they need to work with a technology partner that they can trust and that has a good track record.

An example of our track record is the recent JonesTrading implementation that we did which we did on an extremely short time scale. The contract was signed in September. We were live before the end of the year. That’s across more than 130 users across many different locations. We were able to make that project work in a safe, methodical manner. So I think choosing the right partner with that capability –  and the strength of resources to help you do it –  is very important. 

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