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How embracing a 5-step iterative approach to leveraging smart data
analytics enables streamlining and automating trading operations to
benefit your bottom line.

Although developing advantageous data projects requires considerable effort,
the rewards typically include significantly reduced trading costs, enhanced
trader effectiveness, and increased overall returns. Taking a strategic
approach can help realize these benefits, while managing the costs involved.
By some estimates, the difference between making even small improvements,
versus not doing so, can be hundreds of millions of dollars.

Whether you’re identifying orders to auto-route, determining dark pool
minimum fill sizes, creating an algo recommendation engine, or pursuing any
other initiative that streamlines trading activities, it’s clear that a robust EMS
is an essential tool for completing the proven five-step iterative data strategy
assessment process that leads to success:

  • Determine your desired trading outcome, such as increasing profitability
    or reducing costs.
  • Select decisions with the potential to achieve the desired outcome and
    focus on them.
  • Ascertain what you need to predict in order to make the decision you’re
    focusing on.
  • Establish the data inputs required for accurate predictions and determine
    how you’ll ensure data is unbiased.
  • Evaluate your capability to collect and benefit from data holistically,
    including the ability to profitably generate real-time predictions, supply
    experimental datasets for testing hypotheses, and measure outcomes

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