FlexTRADER Fixed Income

Buy-Side Fixed Income Execution Management System

As part of its advanced multi-asset capabilities, our award-winning FlexTRADER EMS offers an array of electronic trading features for buy-side institutions operating in the fixed income markets.

Handles All Primary Bond Types

Sovereign, Corporate, Preferred, Etc.

Analytics for Fixed Income

Duration and Yield Analysis

Broker Access

Algorithm and Price Feed Integration

Key Features & Benefits

Bond Types

  • Sovereign
  • Inflation-Adjusted
  • Corporate
  • Convertible
  • Preferred

Bond Types

  • Duration Analysis
  • Yield Analysis
  • Issuer Information

Broker Trading

  • Broker Algorithm Integration
  • Broker Price Feed Integration
  • Broker Order Staging


  • Compare and select competitive prices among similar bonds
  • Compare and select competitive prices among bonds and futures
  • Use reference prices to price bonds in the market