Markets Media: FX Execution Costs Drive Tech Upgrades

  For institutional asset managers, measuring foreign exchange trading costs has become imperative as the global FX market moves electronic. The emergence of FX transaction costs analysis (TCA) is directly attributable to the spread of algorithmic trading from equities to other asset classes, with FX being the prime class next in line. However, there are hurdles to overcome in …


Waters Technology: Best Buy-Side Algorithmic/DMA Product or Service – FlexTrade

Trying to pinpoint the best algorithmic or direct market access (DMA) provider to the buy side is a lot like picking among multiple choice answers on a law school entrance exam: Almost all of them seem right, depending on your line of argument, but only one can be…


Parabellum Markets Chooses FlexTrade for White Label FX and Liquidity Aggregation

Deploys MaxxTrader, A Turnkey ASP Front-End, For Trading Spot Currencies, Forwards, NDFs, Swaps & Precious Metals Great Neck, NY, November 24, 2014 – FlexTrade Systems, Inc., a global leader in multi-asset execution and order management systems, announced today that Parabellum Markets has deployed MaxxTrader as its full STP and white label FX trading system to …


Themis Trading: Improving VWAP Performance

This morning’s note is intended to give a cursory refresher course on how VWAP works, talk about how typically our industry has gone about trying to improve VWAP performance, and finally to tell you how we think the industry should go about trying to improve VWAP performance…


Journal of Trading: Predicting Intraday Trading Volume and Volume Percentages

This article discusses recent techniques and results in the area of forecasting intraday volume and intraday volume percentages. Why predict volume? A major reason is to improve the performance of trading algorithms, many of which depend upon the volume that will trade while the order is active…


e-FOREX: Which, When and Why – Taking a More Informed Approach to Algorithmic FX Trading

What is it about FX algorithms? You wait millennia for somebody to automate the global foreign-exchange market, and then all of a sudden you get dozens of smart, intelligent, intuitive, even educative FX-algo solutions all coming along at once. Yes, it took a near-terminal global financial meltdown coupled with a large-scale exodus of talent from …


Thomson Reuters: Expands Buy-Side Equity Trading Capabilities in Thomson Reuters Eikon

Thomson Reuters today announced that it has enhanced equities and futures trading capabilities in its flagship desktop, Thomson Reuters Eikon, with the integration of FlexTrade’s Execution Management System (“EMS”) and Autex Indications of Interest (“IOI”) data. These moves support Thomson Reuters aim to connect and power the global financial community by providing buy-side customers with …


Markets Media: Institutions Face Options-Integration Challenge

The appetite for options trading among institutions is increasing as they seek to generate income, capture alpha from volatility, and hedge their equity portfolios. However, care must be exercised in integrating options trading into the portfolio mix…


Markets Media: Multi-Asset Trading Systems A Must-Have

Buy-side traders are melding multiple asset classes together onto a single trading platform as asset classes become increasingly connected. Futures and FX trading capabilities are especially in-demand by trading teams…


e-FOREX: Execution Algorithms – Where Innovation is Driving Demand in FX

Everything is back to normal in the FX market – but it’s a new normal. All around us, corporates are back to funding their cross-border operations; trading desks are back to taking orders and transacting; retail investors are back to piling in behind every new trend. We’ve had ten-plus years of upheaval – not just …

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