Order/Execution Management System (OEMS)

FlexONE is our all-inclusive order/execution management system designed to facilitate and streamline the demanding trading requirements of the global hedge fund community.

Multi-Asset Platform

Handles Equities, FX, Options, Futures and Fixed Income


Intuitive Front-End with Complete Library of Rules for Pre-Trade and Post-Trade Reports

Decision Support

Rebalance Against Benchmark Models and Adjust Exposure Levels by Symbol or Group

Key Features & Benefits


  • Ability to run pre-trade and post-trade compliance reports
  • Comprehensive library of rules
  • Intuitive front-end to create, edit, delete rules
  • Ability to assign rules to multiple accounts
  • Ability to maintain account guidelines and associate them with rules
  • Workflow allows multiple interactions between PM, trader and compliance officer in case of rules failures and overrides
  • Full audit capability of an order’s life cycle viewable on line

Decision Support

  • Rebalance against a benchmark model or a default portfolio
  • Increase/decrease exposure of certain symbols across multiple accounts in percentage terms, share amounts, dollar values, etc.
  • Increase/decrease exposure at a group level (sector, industry, custom groups) in a particular fund/account.
  • Lock out certain positions from participating in a rebalance
  • Invest/divest cash in particular accounts
  • Stage orders/run compliance and route to traders in single step

Customizable Order Creation

  • Single Order Ticket: Allows user to view and tweak all order details
  • Import orders generated externally through a file interface
  • API: Directly feed parent orders and street orders through a C++ / Java/C# API
  • Street Orders: Create parent orders automatically from street orders based on defaults and rules

Multi-Asset Support

  • Program trading
  • Single stock trading
  • Swaps
  • Multi-leg options trading
  • Futures
  • Fixed income

Third-Party Integrations

  • Integration with short-locate services offered by major prime brokers
  • End-of-day extracts for custodians and accounting systems
  • Ability to accept drop-copy executions from other vendors
  • Pre-trade and post-trade allocations
  • Ability to represent multi-prime holdings and configurable hierarchy for portfolios