FlexStrategy Server

Algorithmic Execution Engine

FlexStrategy Server is a robust, high performance algorithmic execution engine to implement single security, cross-asset, multi-leg and portfolio based trading strategies. FlexStrategy Server is used by leading hedge-funds, buy-side institutions as well as broker-dealers to deploy a broad range of custom algorithms or strategies with connectivity to global electronic markets.
Available through FlexTrade’s EMS and OMS solutions, or as a stand-alone system, FlexStrategy Server comes with an intuitive, feature-rich API that provides advanced processing with fully customizable trading logic within a secure multi-threaded 64bit algorithmic trading container.

Intuitive Programing Interface

Quickly Get Up to Speed and Start Customizing

Wide Array of Strategy Implementations

Market Making, Multi-Leg/Pairs/Spreads, Smart Order Routing

Seamless Integration with System Processes

FIX Interface, Order State Management, Market Data Interfaces

Key Features & Benefits


The true power of FlexStrategy server lies within its programming interface, including:

      • Intuitive API and ease of use
      • Event/message normalization which globally abstracts the messaging and protocol differences across brokers, exchanges and market data providers
      • Complete state / position management
          • •  Full awareness of client / street order relationships and state
          • •  Account positions
          • •  P&L
          • •  Containers and Iterators for active orders, executions, and more
      • Strategies that are rigorously profiled and optimized for performance with unmatched reaction times and throughput statistics
      • Advanced strategy implementations with all client business models
          • •  Simple time-based logic to minimize market impact
          • •  Complex event-based (CEP) market making
          • •  Spread trading
          • •  Advanced SOR strategies for various asset classes
      • Interoperability
          • •Easy to use APIs to integrate with third-party or existing software
      • Real-time reload of algorithms for rapid development and testing


FlexStrategy Server is also equipped with FlexTrade-developed Stratlets, which are commonly used segments of strategy functionality that can be separated and reused across other strategies.  Designed to reduce development time, traders can use Stratlets to foster robust and consistent behavior across their trading strategies.

API Access

FlexTrade’s APIs are designed with the belief that true value comes from seamless integration – regardless of whether the link is internal (between FlexTrade processes) or external (with third-party processes). The FlexStrategy Server API can interact with any process in the system, whether it is the FIX engine, order match server, market data server, compliance engine and more.

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