Real-Time and Post-Trade Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)

Flex TCA is our transaction cost analysis (TCA) and quality management solution offering real-time and historical analysis in trading portfolios and single securities for global equities and FX.

Visual Data Analysis

Sophisticated Drill Down Reports and Graphs

Robust Benchmark Library

More than 80 Preconfigured Benchmarks

Performance Evaluation

Evaluate Trader Performance, Algorithm Performance and Strategy Performance over Daily, Monthly and Yearly Cycles

Key Features & Benefits

Real-Time/Post-Trade Analysis

  • With more than 80 out-of-the-box benchmarks, measuring transaction cost analysis has never been this comprehensive. As you continue to use the system you build a historical database of trade and cost data.
  • Using multi-day functionality you can easily grab a month (or any other amount of data) for easy historical analysis. The system also runs live while you are trading for up-to-the-minute feedback.
  • Analyze your trades against a multitude of factors and drill down to each individual order placed in the market. See the implementation shortfall of every order or take a top down approach looking at costs by more than 30 factors.

Broker and LP Algorithm Ranking

  • Track your broker and liquidity provider algorithms, keeping in context their objectives and targeted benchmarks.
  • See how many times you used them, their performance, standard deviation and other measures.
  • Make intelligent decisions going forward by identifying algorithms that work best in different situations and by more than 30 different factors.
  • Nested group functionality is also available to view any specific market situations.

Drill Down Reports and Graphs

  • All of Flex TCA’s reports and graphs support drill down functionality allowing you to get as granular as you choose in your analysis.
  • With an intuitive graphic user interface (GUI), it is easy to quickly identify costly areas and use real-time feedback data to adjust strategies or discuss with fellow traders and brokers.


  • Flex TCA users are able to customize their views to show only the information they need to see and create their own benchmarks.
  • In addition, all Flex TCA processes and servers run at the client site, so transaction data is not shared with any other entity providing complete confidentiality. The solution also runs in an encrypted state for data security.