ETF Sell-Side Order Management System (OMS)

Flex OMS ETF is our order management system for sell-side institutions engaged in ETF trading.

ETF Order Facilitation in Multiple Ways

Agent, Riskless Principal, Principal or Any Group Combination

Integrated Real-Time Position Management

Track Position, Exposure and P&L of ETFs, Baskets and Futures

Comprehensive ETF Creation and Redemption

Customizable Interface to Book all End-of-Day Creation/Redemption Activity

Key Features & Benefits

  • Real-time basket NAV calculations
  • Side-by-side comparison of ETF prices, basket NAVs and futures prices all normalized to ETF equivalents
  • Basket maintenance, including restricted list handling, sell-short locates and rebalances
  • Position and P&L management of ETFs, baskets and futures
  • Futures maintenance: linking an ETF to a near and far future
  • Principal facilitation of ETFs including Reg NMS ISO sweep-and-print and ACT reporting
  • Built-in Creation/Redemption (CR) interface

The Risk View Screen

  • Bird’s-eye view across all relevant ETFs
  • Risk management view of Total Positions, P&Ls, Exposures broken into ETFs, baskets and futures
  • View ETF, Basket, futures market data side-by-side and trade any of these using customizable buttons
  • Rebalance functionality to quickly align basket imperfections

Client Order Handling

  • View client orders on Main Blotter
  • Dedicated Waves screen to manage basket waves
  • Integrated outbox to view/manage orders sent to street
  • Specialized Create/Redeem screen

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