Foreign Exchange Order Management System (OMS)

FlexFX OMS is our order management system for institutions trading spot, outrights, swaps, NDFs, precious metals and FX futures.  Designed as a customizable, rules-based platform, FlexFX OMS manages your full order life cycle from order generation and execution of trades to allocations and confirms.  The system will integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, and will perfectly replicate complex workflows and organizational structures.  Optional modules include liquidity aggregation, pricing to clients and desks, algorithmic trading, transaction cost analysis (TCA) and white labeling with different sophistication levels for internal and external clients.

Global Order Management

24/7 Sales/Trading Desk, Branch Networks, and E-Commerce by Region, Legal Entity or Profit Center

Turnkey Solution

Fully Integrated Pricing, Aggregation, Algorithmic Trading, Middle Office, TCA, White Labeling

Process Automation

Rules-Based Routing, Fill and Execution Logics, Seamless Integration with Risk and Position Management Systems

Key Features & Benefits

Receive Orders and Positions from Multiple Sources

  • Phone orders via sales, sales-traders or advisors
  • FlexTrade’s white label solutions (MaxxTrader)
  • Clients’ EMS and OMS systems
  • Third-party systems, such as Bloomberg, 360T, FXall and more.
  •  Trade files
  • Quantitative or risk management systems
  • Client accounts (overdraft balances)

Supported Transaction Types and Instruments

  • Spot
  • Outrights
  • Swaps
  • NDFs
  • Precious Metals
  • FX Futures

Direct Liquidity Access

Fully integrated and certified with more than 100 different FX liquidity providers:

  • Banks (streaming and RFQ prices in Spot, Outrights, Swaps NDFs and Precious Metals)
  • ECNs
  • Exchanges for price sourcing and hedging: FX and commodity futures, precious metal ETFs and LME
  • Pricing groups


Capture real-time tick data, including full depth of book from all liquidity streams for  extensive post-trade analysis.  Quantify fill rates, reject rates, average fill-size, etc.

  • MIS Reports
    • Exposures, profitability, performance
  • LP and Venue Analytics
    • Volumes and volume distribution
    • Pricing quality (spreads, size, availability)
  • Client profitability
    •  Volumes
    • Aggregate P&L and outliers
    •  Market impact

Full STP Integration

  • Automated real-time give-ups to major FX prime brokerage, banks, in-house middle/back office systems, and other third-party vendors
  • Open architecture providing APIs in C/C++/Java/COM for black box trading and integration with in-house order management and risk management systems
  • Completely scalable for multiple traders over a network on Windows, Sun Solaris and Linux operating systems
  • Full integration with back office systems
  • Complete database integration
  • Full audit trail

Multiple Hosting Options

  •  Fully hosted with cross connects to most banks and ECNs
  •  Hybrid model with aggregation and SOR hosted by FlexTrade and  the order management component installed on-site, protecting  client  information visability
  •  Complete on-site installations
  •  Hosting available in NY4, LD4, SG2, HK2, FR2, TY3

Trade Management / Process Automation

  • Fully Automated — Incoming orders are filled automatically with a predefined markup.
  • Semi-Automated — Trader decides to accept or reject incoming orders.  On acceptance, auto-hedging rules are applied.
  • Manual — Trader decides to accept or reject incoming orders and then fill against the position or trade the order on the street (in one of more pieces).  Required markup can be manually added and the fill sent back to the client.
  • Telephone Orders — entered manually on behalf of the client.

Trades can be filled against your own position, crossed with other clients, or be back-to-back

  • Multiple internal books per currency.
  • Order routing rules can be set by parameters, including Client, CCY Pair, Time and Quantity
  • Pass on books between desks (by time zone) or currency.

Middle Office System

  • Allocate to clients / client accounts
  • Charge by client (manual or automated)
  • Block / aggregate client trades
  • Confirms (electronic, fax, email)

Risk Management

  • P&L. Per order, per client, per currency pair
  • Position Exposure — Per currency and client
  • NOP, DSL, Margin


Easy access to adjustable configuration settings:

  • Ready-to-use algorithms with source code to allow for enhancements to fit a client’s trading profile
  • Configurable user interface
  • Full audit trail with customizable Excel or pdf reports

Front-End Features

  • View both the market and client side of a trade in one single ticket
  • Market Lines
  • Market Watch
  •  Complete allocation processes
  •  View prices for client based on predefined markup, which can be adjusted in real-time

Global Support — Local Service

  • Dedicated 24 x 5.5 global support via strategically located offices in New York, London, Singapore and Mumbai
  • Client services teams are also globally positioned to design and implement custom solutions for unique trading requirements
  • FlexTrade has more than 10 years of experience providing FX trading solutions to some of the largest markets and banks in the world

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