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Building Next-Gen Data Strategies to Boost Trading Success

Although developing advantageous data projects requires considerable effort,
the rewards typically include significantly reduced trading costs, enhanced
trader effectiveness, and increased overall returns. Taking a strategic
approach can help realize these benefits, while managing the costs involved.
By some estimates, the difference between making even small improvements,
versus not doing so, can be hundreds of millions of dollars.


Beyond Broker Scorecards: What’s Next for Algo Wheels?

Trading involves a bewildering number of individual choices. Each order could be traded in a huge number of different ways and every market participant gets to witness the outcomes. Everyone gets the experience, but do they also get the lesson? As an industry, do we structure our decision making so that we can best evaluate which strategies are working?


MiFID II & Fixed Income: Big Changes on the Horizon

Download the whitepaper. The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) is a sweeping set of financial re-forms, establishing mandates for best execution and pre- and post-trade transparency. As of early 2018, the legislation will require investment firms to give evidence of best execution to their clients and require them to publish more data ...

TCA & MiFID II: The Business Benefits of Compliance

Download the whitepaper. FlexTrade’s Editorial Director, Ivy Schmerken, discusses what transaction cost analysis (TCA) is, where it fits in a MiFID II regulatory compliance strategy, and reveals some of the business benefits that may accrue from implementing such a system. With the evolution of electronic trading in foreign exchange and fixed income markets, transaction cost ...

MiFID II: The Impact of Unbundling

Download the whitepaper. As we approach the final stages of MiFID II approval, FlexTrade’s Editorial Director, Ivy Schmerken, considers what the rules on unbundling are likely to include, and what the impact on the buy-side and the sell-side is likely to be. New rules from the European Union are going to transform the way that ...
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