Sell-Side Technology: Best Sell-Side Automated Trading Platform – FlexTrade

Name a feature, and the FlexTRADER execution management system has it. The ability to control multiple portfolios comprised of several sub accounts from one blotter? Check. Access to over 200 trading destinations? Check. A formula-building template for developing trading and arbitrage strategies? Check. Complex-event processing (CEP), direct market access (DMA) facilitation, and access to broker …


Markets Media Options Report 2013: Technology Provides Options

FlexTrade sweetens the pot for its options-trading clients, both organically and via acquisition As options trading has increased on a long-term basis, so has demand from the buy side and the sell side for state-of-the-art solutions to tackle the specific complexities inherent in derivatives trading. It’s a development that Vijay Kedia, president and chief executive …


FOREX Executive Interview with Derrick Ngor, General Manager at ADS Securities Singapore

The Middle East has played host to a range of developments in the world of trading in a relatively short time, the majority of which have been the emergence of executing venues and exchanges such as the Dubai-based DGCX. The Emirates is a region which understandably had a requirement for commodity exchanges, as Dubai is …


Waters Technology: FlexTrade Puts OneMarketData Analytics Into its EMS

FlexTrade Systems, is now offering integration with OneMarketData’s OneTick, a single solution for complex event processing (CEP) and tick data, to enhance FlexTrader, its execution management system (EMS). OneTick’s CEP capabilities enable FlexTrade users to generate trade signals and develop strategies based on real-time and historical data…


The Trade Asia: Malaysia – Learning Curve

A series of reforms over recent years mean that Malaysia’s buy-side is now positioned to catch up with international investors in their use of electronic trading tools and techniques. Malaysia is set to take centre stage among Asian markets as a new phase in financial liberalization and an openness to electronic trading generates an unprecedented …


The Trade: Dealing with Data

Buy-side traders used to have limited interest in the workings of an algorithm. Now, is there such a thing as too much information? The common, somewhat dismissive, line on algorithmic trading is that it’s a commodity. Push your smaller trades down the pipe to allow your traders to concentrate on the trickier stuff. Click here …


Markets Media: Best Multi-Asset EMS

As more asset classes have tracked equities in the migration to electronic trading, FlexTrade Systems has expanded the multi-asset capabilities of its FlexTRADER Execution Management System. “We started with equities and expanded to FX, futures and options,” said Vijay Kedia, FlexTrade’s chief executive. “As a result, we have created a powerful multi-asset trading platform, while …


Best Execution: Algo Trading in FX

Algorithmic trading in FX is a relatively new development, but its not without its challenges. Best Execution speaks to Rob Weissman* for the inside view. How would you characterize the FX market at present? The FX market has been going through a unique transition in two facets: fragmentation and regulation. Click here to access the …


e-FOREX: Adaptive FX Algorithms – Giving Control Back to Clients

To define terms at the outset, adaptiveness might be flexibility; it might be agility; it might encompass low latency and HFT functionality. Ideally, it delivers closer control. In the real world, FX-adaptiveness also necessarily crosses boundaries between asset classes. BNP Paribas’ Cortex iX FX spot algorithmic execution service. Click here to access the article.


FX Week: ADS Securities targets HFT with new FX platform

New platform white-labels FlexTrade’s systems and is pitched to high-frequency and high-volume traders Abu Dhabi-based brokerage ADS Securities has white-labelled technology from FlexTrade to launch a new foreign exchange platform tailored to the demands of institutional high-frequency and high-volume traders. The low-latency platform, dubbed Orex, will be rolled out to clients in Europe, North America …

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