FX Trading – Seven Trends the Buy-Side Needs to Consider

By Ivy Schmerken, Editorial Director It’s hard to escape the headlines about FX trading lately. Words such as rigging, currency manipulation, chat rooms and billion dollar fines are grabbing attention and alarming many buy-side customers. It's an environment that could give pause to investors, so it's interesting to note that, in spite of these transgressions, the ...

Smart Order Routing (SOR)

From Revolution to Evolution in the Search for Liquidity and Alpha Smart Order Routing (SOR) has ebbed and flowed as a topic of interest in the financial industry.  Because the functionality has become commonplace in the market, its presence in institutional trading platforms has nearly become an afterthought.  But its necessity is without doubt, especially ...

Quants, Compliance and the Buy-Side OMS

OMS Challenges for the Buy-Side As hedge funds turn to a more active, quant-style of trading, they often need to run pre-trade compliance checks on hundreds if not thousands of names within seconds. But what happens if an OMS is not built to keep up with the rapid pace of executions and compliance checks?  There’s ...

Does Using Predictive Analytics in Trading Really Increase Your Alpha?

Top strategy traders know, “If I can get better predictions of intraday trading volume, my algorithms will perform better!” Indeed how can a trader get better than an educated guess at trading volumes during the day or overnight? FlexEdge That’s what a razor-sharp predictive analytics platform like FlexTrade’sFlexEdge provides: better forecasting of intra-day volume and ...
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