Futures Trading Order and Execution Management System

FlexFutures, our order and execution management platform for buy-side institutions trading in the futures markets, offers a highly-configurable user interface and advanced, single- and multi-leg execution strategies that can be customized and enhanced to meet the unique requirements of futures traders.

Customizable Point & Click Trading

Short-Term Return Forecasts and Intraday Volume Forecasts

Create & Integrate Algorithms & Trading Strategies

Create Your Own Trading Strategies According to Execution Venue

A Complete Set of Pre-Packaged Futures Algorithms

Determine the Best Trading Trajectory for Your Portfolio

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ability to create and integrate customized algorithms and trading strategies, while maintaining complete market anonymity and confidentiality.
  • Comes fully loaded with many rules-based trading strategies, including VWAP, time slicing, pairs, calendar spreads and Iceberg, as well as synthetic and contingent order types that are designed to reduce market impact and slippage, minimize risk and improve trading performance.
  • Proprietary FIX engine for access to multiple brokers and broker algorithms from a single front-end.
  • Customizable point-and-click trading (including single-click)
  • Fully configurable GUI for multiple users.
  • Create calendar rolls from individual outright contracts.
  • Electronic trade blotter for managing voice-brokered transactions.
  • Open architecture that provides bi-directional APIs in C, C++, Java and COM for black box trading, and full integration with in-house order- and risk-management systems.
  • Full integration with all of FlexTrade’s solutions providing for multi- and cross-asset algorithmic trading in futures, equities, foreign exchange and equity options from a single screen.
  • Alerts of crossing opportunities for internalization across multiple desks.