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FX Trading in Asia Pacific: Q&A With Vinay Trivedi (Part 1)

With the growth of electronic trading in FX markets, Asia Pacific has become one of the fastest growing regions for currency trading. Vinay Trivedi, Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Head of FX Sales, APAC at FlexTrade Systems, discusses trends in FX markets and trading technology, specifically how the buy side is using aggregation tools and algorithmic trading through the execution management system (EMS) to seek the best price in Asian currency markets.


CSTA Annual Winter Vendor Fair 2017 (February 23, 2017)

Attending this year’s CSTA Annual Winter Vendor Fair at the Design Exchange in Toronto, Canada? Stop by FlexTrade’s booth (#109) for a quick demonstration of the latest in multi-asset EMS and OMS trading technology.


Banks in Australia Look to Head Off Competitors in eFX

FlexTrade’s Vinay Trivedi, Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, discusses how Australian banks are reacting to the electronification of the FX market and competition from non-bank market makers.


23rd Annual Canadian Security Traders Conference (August 18 – 20, 2016)

Stop by FlexTrade’s booth # 7 for information and a demonstration of our sell-side, multi-asset EMS and OMS trading solutions. Experience how the solutions trade and process equities, portfolios, ADR’s, FX, ETFs, futures and options.


ACI UK Annual Charity Golf Day 2016

FlexTrade was a proud sponsor of this year’s Annual ACI UK Charity Golf Day, which took place at the Buckinghamshire Club on 4 July 2016. FlexTrade’s Peter Bondesen discusses.


Trade Secrets

Sell-side brokers, asset managers and institutional investors are all increasingly using transaction cost analysis to reduce costs and improve regulatory compliance. Global Investor’s Paul Golden investigates. FlexTrade’s Andy Mahoney comments.


TCA: Bridging the Gap Between Equities and FX

Transaction cost analysis has been the Holy Grail of best execution in equities trading, but the evolution of TCA in foreign exchange trading must consider the OTC nature of currency markets.


FlexTrade Shortlisted in Eight Categories of Wall Street Letter Institutional Trading Awards 2016

FlexTrade is proud to announce its has been shortlisted in eight categories of this year’s Wall Street Letter Institutional Trading Awards.


Algorithmic Trading: FX Algos Gain Traction

FlexTrade’s David Ullrich, Senior Vice President, FX, recently spoke with FX-MM’s Francis Faulds about the current trends and role of algorithms (algos) in the FX market.


Buy-Side Options Trading: Covering the Spread in Complex Order Books with Multi-Leg Strategies

As multi-leg options strategies gain traction on the buy- and sell-side, sophisticated front-end tools are essential for accessing complex order books at US options exchanges. Multi-leg orders have been around a long time, but in recent years they have moved from the trading floors to electronic systems. A complex order (or spread trade) allows an …

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