Will Overnight Trading Evolve into a 24-Hour Stock Market?

Despite past attempts to usher in 24-hour trading in U.S. equities, a major catalyst behind the current momentum has been the round-the-clock trading occurring in cryptocurrencies which has raised expectations for retail investors. The rise of new electronic trading venues could test these assumptions, though issues such as liquidity and settlement time frames may need to be addressed first.


FlexTrade Recognized As Outstanding Trading Technology Provider

Last night The TRADE Leaders in Trading Award 2021 recognized FlexTrade as winner of the “Outstanding Trading Technology Provider” category. The TRADE Leaders in Trading Award recognizes the finest trading talent at hedge funds, asset managers, banks, brokers, exchanges and technology vendors. The awards acknowledge the biggest achievers in The TRADE’s reputable Algorithmic Trading and …


ATS Innovators Speed Up Matches to Discover Algo-Liquidity

Dark pools catering to institutions have evolved with innovative methods of matching orders and faster matching engines to avoid moving the price after the trade. It’s also a sign of the intense competition brewing between off-exchange venues seeking to sign up brokers and institutions.

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