FlexTrade to Sponsor and Exhibit at Symphony Event (May 14)

FlexTrade to Sponsor Symphony event. Andy Mahoney and Oliver Boatfield, will discuss our integration with Symphony and our full buy-side trading solutions.


Sell-Side Technology Awards 2019: Best Automated Trading Platform—FlexTrade Systems

FlexTrade wins the best automated trading platform category at this year’s SST Awards, thanks to its FlexTRADER integrated multi-asset EMS and OMS.


Bringing It All Together: Application Interoperability for Traders

The proliferation of software applications on financial desktops is a sign of innovation in capital markets. But moving data from one third-party application to another is not always seamless and user interfaces (UIs) are typically different. Now there’s a push to make the desktop emulate the user experience on mobile phones where Android and iOS apps are aware of one another and share data.

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